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Ripoff or not, You tell me!!!

Weblog Tools Collection recently published a post, WordPress Theme releases for 5/16 .

I saw one of the themes that got featured, it was called “Liberty”.

Immediately I thought it is quite a blatant copy of my SeaShore Theme.

If you would like to see a demo of both of the themes, click on the following links.
1. My Seashore Theme Demo.
2. Their Liberty Theme Demo.

When I asked them about this, they said, it is not a copy and they built the theme from scratch.
See the comments section on this post.

If you are a person who knows a little bit of HTML, you would do a “View Source” on the demo page, and you would see the “id”s of the different DIV elements were exactly the same.

Now I want you to be the judge, and let me know if what they did should not be considered a ripoff. Post your views on this.

Updated on 21 May 2008
It seems Eric from Conservablogs realized it is actually a ripoff, thanks to a detail email from one of our readers Ryan from
So, Lets put this thing to rest and move on [Lets stop the comments section on this post].
I do not normally go to this level of writing a post, unless I have no other way of getting the people realize.
I do thank each one of you, who stood behind the truth one more time. Thank you.

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