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List of themes that support “Custom Image Header”

When I asked you “How many of you use the “custom header image” option?, the unanimous response from all of you was “Yes, Absolutely, We all love and use that feature a lot !!!

Now, People started asking me for the complete list of themes that supports this feature.

Themes created by me that supports “Custom Header Image”

Last Updated on : Feb 17 2010.

Themes created by other people that supports “Custom Header Image”

This is where I need your help. Post the names of the themes with this feature created by others as a comment to this post. I will update the post accordingly.

  1. Cutline Theme supports rotating header image, but it not the same as what we are discussing on this post. We are talking about the custom header image feature, where people upload their own image within the WordPress admin, and then they crop the image to fit the header size and then apply that image.

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