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Kizzog – an easy way to blog about your Kids

There are so many parents who love to have a special blog for their kids. The place where they can just go ahead and upload the photos and blog about the little things that their son / daughter does when they are growing up.

The people running the McKremie hosting company have started Kizzog – a new way to have your own domain, with WordPress installed along with custom WordPress Themes. All you have to do is just login and start posting.
You can also password protect the site, so you can allow only selected people to view the site too.

You get all of that for less than $50 an year.
And for the readers of WordPress Rocks, they are giving a 15 percent discount when you use the coupon code “sadishdeal.

How cool is that? Signup Now and start writing your own Kizzog !

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  1. Rocks

    Jeff Peterson

    January 9, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    Interesting idea, I have a blog for my son but it’s very generic looking. I’m going to show my wife and really look into this.

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