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WordPress MU 2.8 Beginners Guide

WordPress MU
Most of you know know WordPress as the blogging software, but there is also another flavor of WordPress available for free download. It is called “WordPress MU” where MU means “Multi User”.
If you would like to build a blogging networt allowing hundreds of individual blogs to be created, but all running a single piece of WordPress, WordPress MU is all you need. It is available from

WordPress MU 2.8 Beginners Guide
wordpress-mu-28-beginners-guide-243x300Packt Publishers recently released a book titled “WordPress MU 2.8 Beginners Guide”.
When I started reading a few chapters, I was really impressed by the “attention to detail” found throughout the book.

The Missing Manual
Believe me, the online documentation that is available for WordPress MU is not sufficient or sometimes incomplete.

Definitely, This book is “the missing manual” for anyone wanting to install and run a blog network with WordPress MU.
Each one of the chapters on this book, gives you a complete in-depth step by step instructions.
Buy this book now
You can click on the image above, or the link below to get the book shipped to you quickly.

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  1. Rocks


    June 19, 2011 at 3:21 pm

    I´ve bought this book. This is a really “must have” for everyone … for every WP-Rookie.
    kind regards

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