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I just released a new theme “Chennai” on WordPress Theme City.chennai-300x238

Chennai is a two column WordPress Theme with “Custom Image Header” and support for Tags, Gravatar, Multi-threaded and Multi Paged comments. Please click on the image on the right, to go to the theme page and download it.
The image on the header is a place called “Mahabalipuram“, which is a famous place for Temple, built in seventh century.

If you like this theme, please spread the word to fellow bloggers.

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  1. wprocks

    Chet Shinaman

    February 28, 2010 at 5:35 am

    Hi Sadish:
    I enjoy NigaRila and want to buy Zigzag 2 column and use or buy Chennai for two other blogs. 1- “ChetsArt” This blog would discuss the creative process in water colors and oil painting. I would need the ability to show two or three images per entry and then to have a category that would be more of a gallery with titles. Is this possible? and 2- ChetsWritings is a blog to discuss novels and screenplays I have written. I would need the ability to place sample chapters and scenes that I have scanned in. Is this possible with either one of the themes?
    I like your work and look forwqard to hearing from you.

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