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    • WP Themes
      25+ Fastest WordPress Themes (2016)

      It can be challenging to run a website these days. In addition to producing content, you have to ensure that the...

      RocksSeptember 4, 2016
    • Design Thoughts
      5 Great Books For Learning Web Design

      Web design is one of the most fun jobs or hobbies that anyone can have. There are several ways that you...

      RocksFebruary 17, 2016
    • Uncategorized
      This website is sold out !

      Dear Readers, I have sold this domain to a company. The themes that I created and shared on this website are...

      RocksJune 19, 2015
    • WordPress News
      WordPress 3.9 is released

      WordPress 3.9 is released on April 16th 2014. See what is new ! For making sure your sites are secure, you...

      RocksApril 22, 2014
    • WordPress News
      My themes with WordPress 3.4.2

      All my WordPress Themes would still work fine with the latest WordPress 3.4.2. So, don’t worry about losing anything, and just...

      RocksOctober 10, 2012
    • Uncategorized
      My Themes and WordPress 3.3

      WordPress 3.3 is released on December 12th 2011. All my WordPress Themes will work seamlessly on WordPress 3.3. There is no...

      RocksDecember 27, 2011
    • Uncategorized
      CoffeeTime – my first HTML5 WordPress Theme

      This is the first ever HTML5 WordPress Theme that I created. It also uses CSS3 for some of the new CSS...

      RocksSeptember 25, 2011
    • WP Tutorials
      What are post-formats? how do we put it to use?

      The WordPress team brought a new feature in WordPress 3.1 version, called the post-formats. What is it? How is it different...

      RocksSeptember 25, 2011
    • WP Themes
      Fabulo- A fabulous Theme for WordPress

      It has been so long since I released a free WordPress Theme to the community. I got some time on my...

      RocksAugust 6, 2011
    • WP Themes
      GreenLife – Another Free Theme

      Here I am again, announcing the release of my next free WordPress Theme. Green has always been one of my very...

      RocksDecember 6, 2010