In recent times, many site owners are increasingly looking for ways to creatively market their platforms in order to reach out to large online audiences. A number of technologies aimed at promoting websites have been introduced. Dofollow social bookmarking is an effective strategy that can help you as a site owner to effectively get your website more noticed in the online space.

Fortunately, there are plenty of Dofollow social bookmarking sites that you can utilize to improve your page rank in SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) as well as obtain quality backlinks that promote site traffic. Google Page Rank is an important concept when it comes to dofollow social bookmarking sites. A page rank is an algorithm Google uses to establish rankings for websites in search engine results. Sites with higher Google page ranks are more suitable for creating backlinks.

A popular social bookmarking site with a high page rank is best suited for campaigns because it guarantees to send steady traffic to your site. Unfortunately, we always tend to concentrate on the few famous platforms and ignore other good social bookmarking sites that have the potential to send good amounts of traffic.

It is important to try and cover as many high page rank sites as possible and only submit high quality content to boost your site’s credibility. Remember, spamming on sites with dofollow links is strictly forbidden by moderators. Over sharing of content from your site only portrays selfishness and can get your account banned. Promoting content from other sites proves your professionalism and will earn you respect.

Some of the popular dofollow social bookmarking sites include; Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest, Delicious, ScoopIT, Tumblr and many others. In this article, we shall be discussing some of the top dofollow social bookmarking sites you can use to promote your website.



Everyone knows Facebook to be top social media platform in the world. With millions of users and a good structure that supports social bookmarking, it is an excellent platform to post your content and allow it to be seen by other Facebook users. A lot of site owners love Facebook because of the definite guarantee of attracting traffic, you may need to create a new facebook account.



The power of Twitter can never estimated, with millions of users, Twitter provides you an opportunity with just a single Tweet to share your content and instantly connect with millions of Twitter users; there is no limit to who you can connect with. To add a dofollow link on Twitter, Go to the settings page and add your website link to the URL page.



Pinterest is no doubt one of the fastest growing social media sites commanding a great audience. Pinterest is all about images and its authority definitely has a positive impact for site owners who use this platform. Fortunately, obtaining dofollow backlinks from Pinterest is a simple process. You only need to sign in, click on your profile, go to settings and add your URL address.



If you’re looking for social bookmarking sites with a high PR, Slashdot is an ideal choice especially if you own a technology or a science related niche. When you submit content, it has to go through editorial approval before it’s shared with other users on the network.



Dofollow social bookmarking sites are all about link submissions. Just like Digg, users submit their links and wait for other users to vote for these links. Propeller is no doubt an awesome bookmarking site to watch out for; it’s increasingly becoming popular because it’s a simple and straightforward social bookmarking site.



In the recent times, StumbleUpon users have grown at an exponential rate. Users interested in using this effective social bookmarking site only need to download the stumbleUpon toolbar and familiarize themselves with the super simple user interface. This social bookmarking platform allows users to like or dislike websites.



With a PR of 8, Reddit is an excellent dofollow social bookmarking site known for offering community based news that are trending on the internet. Its simplicity of design is a distinct feature that enables users to be kept updated with recent headlines.



If you’re looking for highly effective dofollow social bookmarking sites, is a well known social web service designed to enhance user web surfing experiences. Interestingly, Folkd is a browser extension which can be obtained via a Mozilla download. Once installed, you can see useful related information via a tabbed sidebar. Just like other social bookmarking sites, voting for websites is allowed thanks to a Folk it button. This site is commonly used in USA, Germany and India.



If you’ve used Slashdot before; you’ll love Metafilter because it’s a thriving web community that brings together users to share their views on various topics as well as share links. Before comments are displayed, editors have to approve them; the same system applies to Slashdot.



The importance of social community sites cannot be underestimated especially when it comes to driving website traffic. Fark is an excellent platform for site owners wishing to share their links on a platform that is visible to hundreds or thousands of users. As a social community news site, links submitted by users appear on the site after they’ve been approved by editors.



Dofollow social bookmarking sites have played an incredible role in boosting website traffic. Kirtsy designed for women audiences covers niches such as design, entertainment, food, fashion and technology. To enhance the credibility of the site, all comments and links need to be preapproved by editors before publishing.



If you have a tech site or blog and are looking for technology social bookmarking sites, Techdirt is a popular tech platform that focuses on showcasing trending technology topics and allowing users to comment and share links. With huge fanbase across the globe, it’s a perfect platform to share your links.



This an exciting social bookmarking news site that allows users to register and post articles on different subjects accompanied by their site URL’s. RegisterToVoteToday caters for content from different niches which appeal to the audience.



BizSugar is a popular social bookmarking site dedicated to covering news and tips particularly for small businesses. Covering topics such as business, finance, management and startups, users can submit articles in their fields of interest while displaying site URL’s where the original article is located. Voting is permitted and votes are counted as Sugars.

Blog Engage

Blog Engage

If you’re in need of a robust and effective platform where you can submit articles on different topics such as technology, finance, health, education, business and design, Blog Engage is an excellent blogging community platform that allows users to submit posts alongside their source URL’s to a platform where other users can read, comment, share and like posts.



YouMob is a must have social booking site because of its capability to put your site into spotlight. This site draws web users to gather around a page and become mob participants. They are allowed to share their thoughts about the site i.e. whether the site is important, entertaining or interesting. Mobs are a great way to highlight your site and create hype.



Diigo is considered as one of the best social bookmarking sites because it simplifies tasks and allows greater efficiency. Using this platform, you can conveniently save and tag your online resources allowing for quick access. Diigo also allows you to organize your links and share your content with your friends and colleagues.

Send Gift

send gift

Nowadays, everyone is looking for platforms that allow sharing of your content with groups who share the same interests as you. Send Gift is an incredible social bookmarking site that requires users to search for an interesting link, add it to the submitted page and include a story with a catchy headline in order for people to find it easily. The advantage is if your content is interesting, it can also rank well in Google which is a good thing.



Ezyspot is a famous social news website that allows users to create and share content with a large audience on topics such as technology, gaming, sports, health, travel, internet, science among others. The fact that you’re allowed to include your source blog URL is a huge advantage for increasing website traffic.

Blog Regator

blog regator

Covering topics like health, home and housing, travel, tech, beauty, education, business and fashion, Blog Regator is an all-inclusive site that enables users to conveniently post articles covering various areas of interest. This is an excellent way of sharing your content with an online blogging community.

There are numerous social media bookmarking sites. Actually, they number in their hundreds and new ones are coming up fast. However, the most important thing to do when selecting social bookmarking sites is to check the site’s PR, evaluate approval processes, site audience and the niches covered by the site. With the above examples of great and popular social bookmarking sites plus tips on how to choose an ideal site for social bookmarking, you should be in a position to make good decisions.

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