It can be challenging to run a website these days. In addition to producing content, you have to ensure that the site your readers arrive at looks professional and stylish, radiating authority while still being aesthetically pleasing. Luckily, there’s WordPress to come to the rescue: not only does WordPress allow you to make the professional site you require, but it makes building and updating your website a breeze, even if you aren’t familiar with HTML coding.

In addition to making web design a much more accessible affair, WordPress also offers a variety of themes. Themes describe the aesthetic that will be displayed on your website. However, some themes are more complicated than others, and therefore may take more time to load. Naturally, you don’t want visitors to your site to have to spend a lot of time just waiting for the content to load! Never fear, we’ve compiled a list of the fastest themes available for WordPress.

The two websites used to test the speed of the themes are Google PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom. Google PageSpeed Insights gives both a mobile and desktop speed, along with giving fixes that can be used to help the speed of the site. Pingdom gives a performance grade, the load time, how much faster the page is than other tested sites (given by a percentage), the size of the page, how many requests the page gets, and where the test is taking place from. This site also gives fixes for performance and gives a layout of everything going into the theme. The higher the score, the better the speed is.


best wordpress theme

Theme Details & Download Demo

When it comes to sheer speed, Best pretty much lives up to its name. In case you are interested in the fastest WordPress theme out there, Best will live up to your expectations. Of course, the theme is not created for the sole purpose of being incredibly swift, it comes with features like an inbuilt review system and floating navigation menu, and thanks to Google AdSense it has many styling options as well. The reason why it is good to have a theme with such a hard to rival speed is because you can easily meet SEO demands, so your authority will have an initial spike when you create your first website. Best is compatible with all of the latest browsers, and both mobile and tablet devices.

  • Google PageSpeed Insights score: 92

  • Pingdom Tools score: 91


Theme Details & Download Demo

It is more simple and beautiful, and the latest and greatest theme from the excellent, elegant themes is a very capable theme that is highly configurable by a large number of people .it has a lovely design that successfully couples an impressive set of features. Combined with its easy to use page builder tool, div highlights most users with a stunning visual can be easily tweaked and customized for building almost any type of website that you can think of. This includes websites, eCommerce stores, portfolios and blogs. Updates are recent, hence adding, even more, modules that are and can be dragged and dropped into the pages that you are using.

  • PageSpeed Insight
  • Mobile Speed: 92
  • Desktop Speed: 81
  • Pingdom Score: 64


Theme Details & Download Demo

Suited to anyone looking for a clean and modern design for websites that belongs to them because Schema is a very versatile theme. It integrates well with the WooCommerce plugin although it’s ideally suited to bloggers and news style websites. This means that who has products to sell or anyone creating an online store can benefit from using this theme.

To increase your chances of ranking well in the search engines, the theme itself has been built to be as SEO-friendly as possible. The achievement is done by not only that the content is clearly identified but also the website loads quickly, so the search engines know how to categories it.

This is the speed of the default demo.

  • PageSpeed Insight
  • Mobile Speed: 77
  • Desktop Speed: 87
  • Pingdom Score: 84


Theme Details & Download Demo

Similar to NewsMag, SociallyViral has a news magazine feel to it. There is an infinite number of colours to choose from to customize the theme. This theme is also SEO friendly. This theme has higher speeds than NewsMag, though the customization isn’t quite as high.

There are a few stacks to choose from, including the option to have a shop page. This is a less content heavy theme that loads quicker, so if you are prepared to lose some customization and have faster speeds, this is the right theme to choose.

PageSpeed Insight

Mobile Speed: 77

Desktop Speed: 87


Score: 84

The Foundly

foundly wordpress theme

Theme Details & Download Demo

If you require a theme that is SEO friendly and extremely fast, then your quest has come to an end, because The Foundly will definitely live up to your expectations. We all know just how important traffic is for any serious website, and one of the best ways to generate traffic is via social networks. Well, this theme has inbuilt social media sharing buttons, and also has an inbuilt SEO setting. There are a number of other useful features including snippet support, live customization and incredibly responsive design. The Fondly is even more user-friendly than other themes mentioned in the article, so maintaining your website will be a real cakewalk, plus you’ll feel like a pro.

  • Google PageSpeed Insights score: 92

  • Pingdom Tools score: 94

Parallax ProParallax-Pro-Theme

Theme Details & Download Demo

Parallax Pro is really an awesome theme, and it should be, since it was built using the Genesis framework. First of all, the theme comes with a code that is fully optimized for web, and it also comes with integrated SEO, which gives Parallax Pro the edge over other WordPress themes. Furthermore, there are five pre-made colour styles: blue, red, green, orange and pink. Finally, the theme has incredible typography and is really fast. It scored 89/100 on a desktop speed test, and 76/100 on a mobile speed test. On the Pingdom test in Amsterdam its load time was 925ms, and it was declared faster than 90% of tested websites.


Rosa wordpress theme

Theme Details & Download Demo

Alright, Rosa may not be as fast as the Parallax Pro, but she is perfect if you want to make a website for your restaurant. In fact, as far as making a website for a restaurant or café is concerned, Rosa is the best theme out there, both in terms of aesthetics and speed. You will enjoy its numerous features like various product menus, the ability to customize titles, short codes that allow online reservations, and you’ll be able to easily include descriptions, images and prices of your dishes. Additionally, the theme is compatible with WooCommerce, it has parallax scrolling and it has a responsive design for mobiles as well.

  • Google PageSpeed Insights score: 87

  • Pingdom Tools score: 96

Stockholmstockholm wordpress theme

Theme Details & Download Demo

A multi-concept theme that will come in handy if you are creating a blog, and it can also give your website that characteristic Pinterest look, much like PinThis. There are 20 different demos for this theme, so that you can try out various layouts and figure out which one will work best for the website you’ve envisioned. So, in case you need a theme that has high visual fidelity and is fast at the same time, Stockholm will most likely be exactly what you need.

  • Google PageSpeed Insights score: 86

  • Pingdom Tools score: 89


nexus wordpress theme

Theme Details & Download Demo

In case you need a fast theme for creating a blog or a magazine website, look no further than Nexus. Nexus has an arsenal of shortcodes you can easily use, and its layout is really nice, so the website will look good on both desktop and mobile device. It also has a variety of cool features like cross-browser compatibility, custom widgets, localization support, and homepage builder.

  • Google PageSpeed Insights score: 86

  • Pingdom Tools score: 92


hirebee wordpress theme

Theme Details & Download Demo

Much like its name suggests, the HireBee theme is the best theme for creating job platform websites. Elance, Freelancer and ODesk are all examples of how this theme can be used. HireBee is a freelance marketplace theme created by Appthemes, so your website will be in good hands. Since, speed is of utmost importance for these types of websites, it is advisable that you do not experiment too much and just follow the well-established formula by using HireBee.

  • Google PageSpeed Insights score: 86

  • Pingdom Tools score: 87


diamond wordpress theme

Theme Details & Download Demo

Now let’s talk small business owners, or anyone who is in need of WooCommerce support. It was mentioned that Rosa also has WooCommerce compatibility, but for selling products other than food and deserts, Diamond is an excellent theme choice. First of all, Diamond has the ZOOM framework, and it also has numerous homepage layouts at its disposal. It has a parallax slider, which is great for shopping websites, and one-click widget install.

  • Google PageSpeed Insights score: 85

  • Pingdom Tools score: 94


pin this wordpress theme

Theme Details & Download Demo

If you need a website that will have a strong resemblance to Pinterest, the PinThis theme will do the trick. It has a responsive layout, responsive slider, RTL support, four great colour skins, and you can add Google Adsense ads. PinThis is perfect for creating your portfolio as a young web designer, and it is also one of the fastest WordPress Themes out there.

  • Google PageSpeed Insights score: 84

  • Pingdom Tools score: 93


Theme Details & Download Demo

In case you are thinking to showcase images, graphics and photographs in a very professional manner theme zoomy is the right WordPress theme to is a very flexible product that can be used for a number of purposes with a great can be able to accommodate lots of strong visual imagery, for example creative agency, portfolio, phot blog and or just someone’s who wants to blog about pictorial topic.

The images published on the website they will pop and also allow you to take advantage of the high-resolution screens for your visitors, this is because zoomy is retina ready. Another good thing about this theme is that it gives you more control of how your site will look and also function. Features of zoomy include responsive layout, a featured content slider, a library of short codes and also amazingly has an integration of google maps. 

  • PageSpeed Insight
  • Mobile Speed: 61
  • Desktop Speed: 74
  • Pingdom Score: 71

X | The Themextheme

Theme Details & Download Demo

It is a multipurpose WordPress theme and includes multiple designs that can be applied to the site that you are making but also that’s not all it is packed with all the features you might ever need when making almost any type of website. Practically multiple separate themes designs all included in one package are called stacks.

They give you more flexibility and control to ensure that your site has an appearance that are unique when compared to other peoples site with the same exact theme. The features of this theme are just amazing they include, customizer tool that allows you to change almost anything on your site that you would like to. The personalizable elements include the header and menu placements, width, sidebar, location, colours, fonts, backgrounds and much more. 

GTMetrix Score:xtheme-gtmetrix


  • Load time: 1.5s

  • Requests: 61

  • Page size: 3MB

Google Page Speed Insights:

  • Desktop: 85/100

  • Mobile: 75/100

Codeus — Multi-Purpose Responsive WordPress Theme

Theme Details & Download Demo

Awesome, codes are also a multipurpose theme and has been selling very well since 2014.His support is visible in many plugins such as the WooCommerce. The theme can be used to create very many kinds of different websites. A large number of different and flexible layouts make it easy to find the right look for the website that you would like to make, and you do not have to edit the code.

The most exciting part is that you get to be more creative by using drag and drop page builder tool, visual composer and this gives you the production of your own custom page layouts and designs out their ability.

  • PageSpeed Insight
  • Mobile Speed: 60
  • Desktop Speed: 73
  • Pingdom Score: 80



Theme Details & Download Demo

Created from so it is recommendable if you are updating the design of a church website or even maybe building one from scratch, then the perfect combination would be WordPress and exodus.

To deliver a modern and professional looking website for your church, the visual design of the theme follows the latest trends. This may include a flat design element that has been made popular recently, which includes a full-screen layout and made from Apple and Google operating systems.

It uses a mobile-optimized responsive design that will make your congregation be well served as those browsing maybe from home on their device that has large screens. To make your photos to really stand out then it has an added support for high-resolution displays.

  • PageSpeed Insight
  • Mobile Speed: 54
  • Desktop Speed: 56
  • Pingdom Score: 66

HOTEL ENGINEhotel-engine-very-fast-theme

Theme Details & Download Demo

This is from the hotel engine team and has been designed for a specific application, which in this particular ordeal is website for a hotel building using a WordPress, it include the following features;

  • Booking engine plugin
  • Taking care of room booking system

Room booking and management system is well also supports full screen homepage images or slider whichever you prefer most, there is also eight color variations, visited guest testimonials and also has two designs to choose from, that is comfy and classy.

It uses two plugins; visual composer and evolutional slider and they are all included in the theme package to be easy to use the theme. The theme comes in two variations according to the customer preference you can choose in any of the two.

  • PageSpeed Insight
  • Mobile Speed: 56
  • Desktop Speed: 55
  • Pingdom Score: 87


Theme Details & Download Demo

Talking of it being fast, yes, but also it has been optimized fully for the search has a positive user experience and helps someone to get much traffic from the search engine as magazine offers 12 demos that you can use when setting up your news or magazine style website. Though it is not limited to that, the demos can be replicated and can run in niche websites about technology, lifestyle, travel, sports or any other magazine will not fail you because no matter what you want to present, the theme will display it in a well-organized way that will impress you.

It contains unique custom widgets and a wide range of customization options. Real examples are shared here to see how fast and flexible the theme is.

  • PageSpeed Insight
  • Mobile Speed: 65
  • Desktop Speed: 76
  • Pingdom Score: 89

GENESIS FRAMEWORKgenesis frame work

Theme Details & Download Demo

Those seeking an off the shelf WordPress theme and theme developers, are loyal fans of the framework and all this is because of the underlying clean and developer code which is so the Genesis framework from studies grows, the large and active genesis users is now easy to find code and tips that are being shared covering modification of the themes know how and how the framework is run. Many third-party products have been created, due to the high level of usage using genesis including plugins, services and lastly child themes.

With the high-quality code, the child themes and genesis framework built are often at times touted as being fast loading and very SEO friendly. 

  • PageSpeed Insight
  • Mobile Speed: 65
  • Desktop Speed: 76
  • Pingdom Score: 62

The 7the7-fast-wordpress-theme

Theme Details & Download Demo

It is very popular and is a good theme since it is a multipurpose theme.It includes a place where one can be able to use pre-built layouts and templates that allows creation of an online shop, a business website, landing or sales pages and also has a one-page website, and other variations from the developer are on the way.

It contains two minimal styles that include the minimal and iOS includes visual composer drag and drop page builder and also slider revolution. Others are the leading image and content slider and also layer slider is also very popular. It has regular updates since it releases and has glowing reviews from the users.

  • PageSpeed Insight
  • Mobile Speed: 63
  • Desktop Speed: 71
  • Pingdom Score: 91


Theme Details & Download Demo

For anyone is looking for a theme that is highly customizable, this is the perfect theme to use. While it may not be as quick as some of the others, it is still a contender. Organizing articles is easy and in many different visually appealing layouts, with the default being magazine. The different layouts include less images, blog, newspaper, infinite scroll, and more, making it easy to use for your needs.

A few elements of your page can be changed, including color, background image, and header. This theme also can support things like WooCommerce and Google Fonts. The editor TinyMCE WYSIWYG is already included within the theme, which allows HTML editing.

PageSpeed Insight

Mobile Speed: 69

Desktop Speed: 85


Score: 91


Theme Details & Download Demo

Are you an app designer? Do you want to showcase your designs on a website? This is the perfect theme to use. This app gives the ability to showcase a single app, a portfolio of apps, or even services and testimonials. If those aren’t what you’re looking for, there is also a blog layout available. This theme is very customizable, giving many different colors and backgrounds.

PageSpeed Insight

Mobile Speed: 77

Desktop Speed: 87


Score: 84

PHILANTHROPYPhilanthropy Fast WordPress Themes

Theme Details & Download Demo

This theme is perfect for non-profit organizations. It has many customizations available. It also has a place to put current projects and to explain your goal as a non-profit organization. There is a page for donations as well, making it easy to get the money you need to complete your projects. It is visually pleasing and not too hard to navigate from page to page.

The speeds are decent and the loading time to each page is quick, so there won’t be long waiting times for people who want to learn more about your project.

PageSpeed Insight

Mobile Speed: 66

Desktop Speed: 81


Score: 64


Theme Details & Download Demo

Need an easy to navigate website all about letting people post jobs for other people to fulfill? Taskerr has the capabilities to do all of that and more all while being speedy. Design services are one of the many different things people can post jobs for. There is a flexible fee system, where you will be able to charge job postings or take a portion of the payment money, monetizing your website.

This theme uses Foundation framework, which is a professional framework used by designers and developers. Some brands that use this include Amazon, Cisco, Mozilla, and Adobe.

PageSpeed Insight

Mobile Speed: 77

Desktop Speed: 89


Score: 65

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Chandan · January 28, 2016 at 7:34 pm

Nexus is a good looking theme. You should check NewsMag theme also. It is also a fastest theme with a lot of features.

EL Academy · March 6, 2016 at 7:33 pm

Thanks for share !

    Vivek Kumar Sinha · June 16, 2016 at 1:10 pm


    Nexus is valuable theme for beginners.
    Thanks vivek

Epp · April 11, 2016 at 6:58 pm

Finally a listing that has Nexus listed! It’s one of my favourite themes and once I started using it, my blog received a significant growth in positive feedback. Of course, not to even mention the easy navigation it gave the site. As you pointed out W3 Total Cache, I can proudly say that’s the one I went for after I got some insights from WPBeginner ( – it was a bit like “WP for dummies” but at least gave proper info on what to choose. Now, I’d like to point out some more themes that are rather spectacular – like Rosemary, Truemag, Orionpress, Puzzles… The list could go on forever! These all can be found from this site: – they have over 2000 themes to choose from and all have speed index pointed out. Happy hunting!

WpBolt Theme · September 6, 2016 at 4:34 pm

WpBolt is super fastest wordpress theme, SEO optimized, responsive, highly customizable,
Even with massive amount of cool features, it has many smart tricks to make the rendering of the page super fast.

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