Your site speed is even more important than ever before, with faster internet speed there really isn’t any reason to have a slow loading site. Google among other companies has been trying to shake things up by rewarding owners with a fast website slight higher ranking.

Because you are already reading this article I don’t think I need to go into more detail of why speed is so important?

Here’s a fun fact:

If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1 second page delay could potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost sales every year. 

– kissmetrics

Now let’s get back to the topic at hand your quest to find the fastest loading WordPress theme right? 

Okay, great.

Again to answer this question we must first look at the components that makes for a fast theme. If you already know this feel free to skip ahead to my curated list 🙂

The coding quilty will have an effect on the overall loading time as the browser will have to try resolved site errors like an undefined code.

The number complex features bundled in on a theme(often seen on these multipurpose templates).

Whether the theme utilizes modern coding standards like PHP7

The above should give you a basic idea of things to look out for when buying your new template.

Now, without further ado,

The fastest WordPress templates. 

If you are looking for a magazine theme that loads super fast, less bloat, the Theme-stop is your one stop shop. They give you over 25 themes and a vase array of extensions to compliment each theme. 

PageSpeed Insight

  • Mobile Speed: 69
  • Desktop Speed: 85
  • Pingdom Score: 91

It is more simple and beautiful, and the latest and greatest theme from the excellent, elegant themes is a very capable theme that is highly configurable by a large number of people .it has a lovely design that successfully couples an impressive set of features. Combined with its easy to use page builder tool, div highlights most users with a stunning visual can be easily tweaked and customized for building almost any type of website that you can think of. This includes websites, eCommerce stores, portfolios and blogs. Updates are recent, hence adding, even more, modules that are and can be dragged and dropped into the pages that you are using.

  • PageSpeed Insight
  • Mobile Speed: 92
  • Desktop Speed: 81
  • Pingdom Score: 64

When it comes to sheer speed, Best pretty much lives up to its name. In case you are interested in the fastest WordPress theme out there, Best will live up to your expectations. Of course, the theme is not created for the sole purpose of being incredibly swift, it comes with features like an inbuilt review system and floating navigation menu, and thanks to Google AdSense it has many styling options as well. The reason why it is good to have a theme with such a hard to rival speed is because you can easily meet SEO demands, so your authority will have an initial spike when you create your first website. Best is compatible with all of the latest browsers, and both mobile and tablet devices.

  • Google PageSpeed Insights score: 92

  • Pingdom Tools score: 91

    Suited to anyone looking for a clean and modern design for websites that belongs to them because Schema is a very versatile theme. It integrates well with the WooCommerce plugin although it’s ideally suited to bloggers and news style websites. This means that who has products to sell or anyone creating an online store can benefit from using this theme.

    To increase your chances of ranking well in the search engines, the theme itself has been built to be as SEO-friendly as possible. The achievement is done by not only that the content is clearly identified but also the website loads quickly, so the search engines know how to categories it.

    This is the speed of the default demo.

    • PageSpeed Insight
    • Mobile Speed: 77
    • Desktop Speed: 87
    • Pingdom Score: 84


      Similar to NewsMag, SociallyViral has a news magazine feel to it. There is an infinite number of colours to choose from to customize the theme. This theme is also SEO friendly. This theme has higher speeds than NewsMag, though the customization isn’t quite as high.

      There are a few stacks to choose from, including the option to have a shop page. This is a less content heavy theme that loads quicker, so if you are prepared to lose some customization and have faster speeds, this is the right theme to choose.

      PageSpeed Insight

      • Mobile Speed: 77
      • Desktop Speed: 87
      • Pingdom Score: 84

        It is a multipurpose WordPress theme and includes multiple designs that can be applied to the site that you are making but also that’s not all it is packed with all the features you might ever need when making almost any type of website. Practically multiple separate themes designs all included in one package are called stacks.

        They give you more flexibility and control to ensure that your site has an appearance that are unique when compared to other peoples site with the same exact theme. The features of this theme are just amazing they include, customizer tool that allows you to change almost anything on your site that you would like to. The personalizable elements include the header and menu placements, width, sidebar, location, colours, fonts, backgrounds and much more.

        Google Page Speed Insights:

        • Desktop: 85/100
        • Mobile: 75/100
        • Pingdom: Load time: 1.5s

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        Chandan · January 28, 2016 at 7:34 pm

        Nexus is a good looking theme. You should check NewsMag theme also. It is also a fastest theme with a lot of features.

        EL Academy · March 6, 2016 at 7:33 pm

        Thanks for share !

          Vivek Kumar Sinha · June 16, 2016 at 1:10 pm


          Nexus is valuable theme for beginners.
          Thanks vivek

        Epp · April 11, 2016 at 6:58 pm

        Finally a listing that has Nexus listed! It’s one of my favourite themes and once I started using it, my blog received a significant growth in positive feedback. Of course, not to even mention the easy navigation it gave the site. As you pointed out W3 Total Cache, I can proudly say that’s the one I went for after I got some insights from WPBeginner ( – it was a bit like “WP for dummies” but at least gave proper info on what to choose. Now, I’d like to point out some more themes that are rather spectacular – like Rosemary, Truemag, Orionpress, Puzzles… The list could go on forever! These all can be found from this site: – they have over 2000 themes to choose from and all have speed index pointed out. Happy hunting!

        WpBolt Theme · September 6, 2016 at 4:34 pm

        WpBolt is super fastest wordpress theme, SEO optimized, responsive, highly customizable,
        Even with massive amount of cool features, it has many smart tricks to make the rendering of the page super fast.

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