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6 Top SEO Optimized WordPress Themes

A website of any sort without proper SEO optimization today is like a jewel that will remain forever hidden in the vast ocean of websites on the web. This sentence tells us quite logically that to get exposure in this multitude, our search engine optimization tactics should need to be the most brilliant as well as up-to-date. But suppose that along with your brilliant SEO tactics if the theme that you are using is already super-optimized from the SEO’s point of view then you are surely in for some great luck. So, keeping this framework in mind, I have created the list of 2016’s 6 top SEO optimized WordPress themes that are highly recommended and regarded especially in SEO aspect of the website. Let us then begin our countdown right now!

6 Top SEO Optimized WordPress Themes

Divi WP Theme


Our countdown of 5 top SEO optimized WordPress Themes begin with a monstrous theme that is a top-class SEO optimized product. If there is any theme today in the market that can facilitate a website’s SEO requirements in the best way then I have no hesitation in remarking that it’s the one & only Divi theme. This is certainly not a booster that I have just found somewhere on the web and re-written it in my own words, for I myself is a personal user of Divi and have even written Divi theme review once for a reputable WordPress theme review site.

Created by the excellent Elegant Themes, Divi is already that much SEO-optimized that it avoids you to waste time in making very basic adjustments to the content on your site to get recognized by the search engines. Its built-in SEO admin panel is a powerful control panel which if used correctly can produce some remarkable SEO effects on the overall success of your website. Plus, you have several other enticing options such as 32 different language support, high responsiveness, custom-builders, animations and much more. Take a look at Divi’s full details & demo from the links below.

Full Detail & Download | Demo

SEO WP Theme


Well, like the name suggests, SEO WP is more a powerful pack of SEO tools/utilities within than an actual theme like thing. And because of its high SEO-friendliness, SEO WP has been included in this list of 5 top SEO optimized WordPress themes. While you can do all sorts of things by installing SEO WP theme on your site, but specifically its special SEO options and features will lend a great hand in helping you achieve that desired exposure on the web which you were seeking for long. The theme can be used for any niche as well. Check out the full details & demos of SEO WP theme if that satisfies your curiosity the best?

Full Details & Download | Demo

X Theme


In this list of 5 top SEO optimized WordPress themes, you might not be able to see such a modern, enticing, feature some, and suburb SEO-optimized theme then the X theme itself. This theme is actually a dream come true for a webmaster. It not only integrates and implements almost all types of trending functionalities needed for a website, but its high SEO-friendliness is a rear thing you can miss playing with. By its looks and abilities, it convinces me that, the creators of X theme, has worked really hard to bring to the market something as unique and amazing as this piece. So, I highly recommend you to take a look at its demos and full details below.

Full Details & Download | Demo

Schema WordPress Theme


Our final contender for the 5 top SEO optimized WordPress themes is the Schema. This theme has just been released a few months back, but its full SEO-friendliness and exciting features have grabbed the audience’s attention well enough. The impact of this theme’s features and high SEO-optimization possibilities has made it a first-hand choice within the WP community in just a few months.

There is additionally one very important feature of this theme for which is it loved by all serious web-owners – loading speed – as Google announced it that loading speed of any site affects its SEO rankings, Schema by far has been known to be the fastest loading theme in its respect. So, together its awesome features, fast loading, and SEO-friendliness, you’ll have the best website standard that you always were looking for. Check the themes demos & full details below.

Full Details & Download | Demo



It’s very hard to have a conversation about search friendly templates without Foundly coming into the equation. It’s longed been regard as a great search optimized theme which I can see working well for those running a person or business blog. They have other child themes which are more niche specific, for example, their Talk magazine child theme.

Setting up this template are super easy and the live customizer makes it even easier to pull your stamp on the design.

Not only that but Foundly is social media ready and Adsense optimized.

Full Details & Download | Demo

Avada WP Theme

5 top SEO optimized WordPress themes avada

Avada is the name of that theme which has been ranked as one of the most highly SEO-optimized themes for WordPress websites. The very responsive and multi-purpose, Avada just in a span of few months grabbed almost 10, 000+ customers because of its high excellence in providing a great interface with results to a WordPress site. Along with being super SEO-friendly, Avada also incorporates powerful framework that makes it easier to implement any design you want. Among the notables in Avada, you have its own short code generator, custom backgrounds, retina ready, WooCommerce support, highly customizable, 100% responsive and so much more. To enjoy a collective excellence of SEO and great quality website interface, go for Avada.

Full Details & Download | Demo



Monstroid, as the theme is officially known, is highly regarded and recommended in the WP community when it comes to having a top SEO-friendly theme. Although, the theme portrays a standard look like every other beautiful premium theme what makes it a total SEO monster? Well, search engines like those websites the most whose codes are not messy.

Monstroid is a theme that is built on a neat coding and its several sections are developed in such a way so as to help search engines locate the query faster & better. Plus, the inbuilt SEO options like meta-description, file indexing, sitemap, and others, makes search engines happy to index its contents easily. For a more accurate understanding of this theme, try out its full demo & details below in the given links and see for yourself what this theme has got for you.

Full Details & Download | Demo

Magazine WordPress SEO Theme

5 top SEO optimized WordPress themes magazine

Magazine theme is one of the best SEO-optimized WordPress themes around the corner. It is a retina and responsive ready theme that gives you ultimate control over the exposure of your website in the World Wide Web. Once Magazine theme is installed on your site, you can be sure of the appearance of your site across all electronic devices with full functionality and sharp interface. This theme supports even such complex grid layouts like those of Times, CNN, Guardian, or other noticeable media sites. Magazine theme proffers you a fully responsive design, six different skin colors, six sidebar options, full SEO optimization, mega menus, and footer menu with widgets. Surely, Magazine theme will serve your needs better the most of the SEO-optimized WordPress theme today so try using it for your website.

Full Details & Download | Demo

So, which one of these 5 top SEO optimized WordPress themes, you found mesmerizing? Do you really feel that after lots of efforts you site is not getting that exposure on the web? Are you double-minded about SEO requirements? Well, I recommend you to take these six themes very seriously because they will be your ultimate solution to all of the current SEO trends in the industry. Share with us your thoughts that what SEO practices and themes you have been using thus far? Did you get any return on your efforts? Which themes among these would you be going for?


  1. Orthodontic Laboratory

    April 25, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    These are really great themes, really helpful for marketing, thank you for the tips!

  2. Brian Gibson

    June 20, 2016 at 8:16 pm

    Nice list of themes! I will definitely try one of them on my new WP site which which I’m hosting by the way on a VPS at Rosehosting.

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Abhishek Kalra

    September 23, 2016 at 6:18 pm

    I have personally used Avada theme and really liked it. Some of the themes mentioned are new to me and I’ll surely try them out on my new projects. Thanks for sharing this list of SEO optimized WordPress theme.

  4. Jorge

    November 9, 2016 at 10:43 am

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