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SquareSpace vs WordPress – Choosing the Right Platform

The very first impression of this comparison, according to me, is always going to fall in the favor of WordPress. That’s because the software is very simple, very powerful, and good enough for anyone to gets addicted. While, on the other side, SquareSpace is also simple to use, but comparatively less powerful.

SquareSpace vs WordPress

Since, you’re looking for a comparison between SquareSpace vs WordPress, so you came at the right place. As, I’m going to share the details and will let you know about the winner, in a nutshell, but with all details, according to different categories.

#1 Ease of Use

To start with, ease of use is the very first thing everyone should encounter too. Technically, both website developer tools are easy to use, but comparatively, SquareSpace is a little bit easier. So, if you’re looking even for a single point of score difference, then SquareSpace is your winner in this category.

That’s because, anyone can sign up for a free account and access the powerful, yet user-friendly tools, and develop a perfectly working website. Even if you’re setting up things for a professional work, you can pay for the premium features and get the job done without any help at all.


On the other hand, WordPress offers two different methods of developing websites. First one is using an online signup process and a kind of similar to SquareSpace method. It can let you create different kind of websites, but the niches they can target are limited.

In the second method, you’ve to be aware of technical aspects related to WordPress and either do everything yourself or hire someone expert in the field. I can assure that the first SquareSpace method is definitely the simpler one, but if you’re looking for more functionalities then this isn’t the champion at all.

#2 Simplicity

Both the platforms are simple enough to get anyone addicted. So, this particular comparison can fall in the tied category. If you’ve been using WordPress then you’ll find it impressive and simple while the same case goes with the other SquareSpace as well.

Although, you may find a winner, according to your personal taste, knowledge, and various other factors involved. Still, as an expert, I’ll call it as a tie only.

#3 Performance

Since, SquareSpace is an online tool which can help you create websites over the internet only, so you get lesser options to try and fix the complete website. This maintained the simplicity, and also the performance as there are very few elements at the base.

But, when it comes to WordPress, performance can be in both ways. If settings and everything related are done pretty well and accordion to standards, then you can get impressive performance, which comparatively can be better than SquareSpace.


But, it can go the other way too, hurting the user experience completely. So, unless you’re totally expert in what you’re doing, WordPress driven website’s performance can be under question.

#4 Functionality

If you ever heard the name of WordPress and have gone through the features offered by the same, then you’re definitely not here. You are here because you’re not aware of what WordPress is capable of. More than 40% websites of the Internet are powered by this Content Management Software and I can assure that SquareSpace is no better when it comes to functionality.

On the other hand, functionalities offered by the SquareSpace online specific platform are limited. They are limited as per the online tool allows to be available in real life.

But, there is nothing which WordPress can’t do, for the moment. Hundreds of unique looking and specific websites are created, developed and well-maintained by the platform and that too without any issues.

Also, the platform is kept updated with fresh versions of existing features, with an introduction to newer ones, and also fixing the bugs and other issues. In short, the winner in the category of functionality is definitely, surely, and straightly is WordPress.

#5 Maintenance

Because of the simplicity, SquareSpace is way simpler to maintain than WordPress. Most of the things in SquareSpace are done automatically and they are maintained automatically as well. Your promise focus will always be on sharing the content you’re capable of creating.

On the other hand, WordPress requires maintenance at the server level, at the time of occurrence of any sort of errors. It also requires the themes and plugins to be updated all the time. Also, fresh versions of WordPress are released frequently, or at least once in a month.

All those updates are must to be installed if you wish to keep everything totally secured. So, all I’m saying is that SquareSpace is way easy to maintenance while the level of maintenance in case of WordPress will depend on the condition and also the person operating the platform. Still, it’s not that easy as compared to its competitor over here.

#6 Pricing

SquareSpace is definitely a costly option over here because it’s pricing starts from a mark and at that price, the number of features offered are restricted. While on the other hand, in the same price, you can create and maintain a whole website driven by WordPress platform.

The price SquareSpace asks to allow a person to create a website with unlimited pages is expensive enough that in the same price, you can run similarly weighted two WordPress driven websites, at least.

The quality of those websites will, of course, depend on various aspects like theme selection, host selection, individual settings, etc., but, in a nutshell, SquareSpace is costly at the terms of features.

Wrap up

Unless, your main job is to create a good functional website of the blog, and nothing to do with the maintenance and technical things, then SquareSpace is definitely the choice. But, if you want freedom and power, then nothing can beat WordPress so far.

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