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VPS vs Dedicated Hosting – How To Make The Right Choice For Your Business

If you’re looking to host a website with uncontrollable or high traffic, then Dedicated Hosting is the best option, but if you wish to save some money and think that the traffic is somewhat considerably controllable, then a VPS will also do the handling well.

Although there are many other characteristics by which this definition and differentiation can be stated, but this is what I thought of sharing on the first. Because, website traffic is the prime reason why we are looking for both of these options.

VPS vs Dedicated Hosting – Comparison Review

Now, it’s time to learn more details on both of these options which we all have and understand every bits and byte related to the same. For the ease of reading and navigating, I’m dividing the comparison review into categories, accordingly.

Prime Difference

Vps-HostingA single CPU is holding the whole website resources can be referred as a Dedicated Hosting, while in case when that single CPU is holding multiple website resources through the concept of virtualisation, then it’s a case of VPS.

Using certain software tricks and mastery in coding, a single dedicated server can be divided into multiple virtual hosts. Thus, the websites will be live on those multiple virtual hosts, without of being aware of their existence on the same server, in reality.

If you’re moving from a Shared hosting to a VPS, then this single sentence will clear the doubt. In Shared hosting, your website is hosted on a server with dozens of other websites, while on a VPS, your website is hosted with 2-3 another website on a single server, in reality, but virtually on a different one.

Thus, you get better performance, better security and better reliability in a VPS, when compared to the Shared hosting option. So, I guess the differences are cleared now. For the record, start with a Shared hosting, then move to VPS and if traffic is still uncontrollable, then finally pay for the dedicated.

#1 Features

The features offered by the Dedicated Hosting are always higher than the VPS because you’re paying more, so you get more. This is a simple win-win situation for the Dedicated Hosting account type, and there is no way a VPS can win in this section.

Now, the kind of features you’re getting additionally will depend and vary from host to host. But, in each and every case, I haven’t seen any VPS offering more features than a Dedicated Hosting, personally.

So, the first stand is won by the Dedicated Hosting itself.

#2 Performance

Again, since you’re paying more, you’re getting better hardware, better software, and a dedicated support and management. So, you’re always going to get a better performance in every chance. Also, there are very few chances of getting your website affected by any malfunction because yours is the only website hosted on that dedicated server.

On the other hand, the performance offered by VPS is good, but comparatively lower. Also, if something happens to the main server, all the websites hosted on that using the concept of VPS will go down. So, if anything happens to the second or third website, yours may also get down.

#3 Scalability

For example, if 8GB is the highest physical memory you can get in a VPS, then the same can go up to 32GB maximum in a Dedicated Hosting. This example should have cleared the winner to you on scalability factor.


Of course, Dedicated Hosting is always going to win the battle, since you’re getting more memory, higher clocked CPU and better-performing software.

#4 Ease of Upgrade

Well, in this section, VPS is the winner. That’s because it is easy to ask for an upgrade to the hosting provider and also to get one. At your side, you just have to ask for the kind of upgrade you are looking for and if its possible, then at the server’s end, an automatic program or a human coder can increase the resources for you.

While on the Dedicated Hosting case, only a human can do this job. Because, to make even a single and small upgrade, the hardware and software parts are needed to be changed i.e., upgraded. That’s because a Dedicated server is a complete physical entity and it requires proper human attention.

So, if you’re using a VPS account, then upgrading might take around 2-3 minutes (maybe more depending on hosting you’re using), while in case of a Dedicated Hosting, it will definitely take longer than a VPS unless a Superman is working for you.

$5 Pricing

If you have been reading everything I wrote above, then you are already aware of the answer to this section. Pricing of a Dedicated Hosting is always going to be costlier compared to the VPS one.

That’s because, you’re getting more power, more flexibility, better upgrades, more bandwidth, and more in every aspect. In fact, in most of the cases, the highest priced Linux based VPS price per month can make a start for a Dedicated Hosting account on the same platform.

So, you can judge the price difference by yourself now.

Wrap up

So, I hope now it’s clear to you to make the right choice for your business. If you can share, which is your website, what level of traffic it’s receiving on the monthly basis and which hosting account you’re finally opting for? Let’s create a community down here in the discussion section that will help every future visitor to make an even better decision. Don’t forget to share this guide with your social profiles. Peace.

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